Glass pool fencing Perth, WA & metal fences

Keep your family safe, while keeping your garden beautiful. With Elite Pool Fencing solutions you have the best of both worlds.

The products

Frameless glass pool fencing


Making your fence barely visible, having the least impact on the view of your garden.

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Semi-frameless glass pool fencing


Stunning semi-framed glass. Making it more visible and show the beauty of this fence.

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Metal panel pool fencing


Classic and modern metal fencing. Perfect for many occassions.

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Enjoy your pool in safety and keep your garden design beautiful.

Picture yourself your beautiful house, with a splending garden en having a pool as part of that unique design. With our glass pool fencing Perth solutions your pool integrates seamlessly with the rest of your garden. Together with you we determine your needs as there are multiple options such as frameless glass fences, semi-frameless glass fencing or using alluminium panels. For every need there is a solution.

Pool fencing Perth is obligatory in Western Australia, it is also a wise thing to do. Protecting your kids, pets and yourself after having a good barbie. We take the time to understand your needs and help you select the best option. We provide quality workmanship if you chose us to install the fence for you. We also provide proper documentation for consumers who would like to do it themselves. We do this, because we listen to you.

Many people enjoy glass pool fencing. Perth with its abundant sun and warmth is perfect for a pool and with complementary pool fencing you enjoy also enjoy the looks of your new pool.
You don't have a swimming pool yet? Don't worry, we have many contacts in the industry that can help you with a great pool. Just contact us and we'll make your dream come true.

The pool's and spa's regulation document by the commerce building commission can be found here.

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